Asian Solutions

We are a service company founded in 2007. The company’s original goal was to provide service to companies willing to establish their productions in China. However, as a consequence of the deep changes of the market during the last years, 3 years ago we changed the business model specializing in communication and commercialization services.

Our office in Shanghai defines our area of action: China and Asia.


Our philosophy has been and is to become another department of your company, adding value, service, executive knowledge, experience, reliability, transparency, etc. Our clients have the freedom to decide when to cancel our services if they consider we are not providing the services agreed, making to work hard every day to all the members of our team.



We are a multicultural, multinational, young and highly productive team, this is definitely our biggest strength and makes us different from and gives us a competitive advantage from other companies. Each project is assigned to a person or team from the beginning to the end, which gives maximum communication fluency with our clients and also gives a better knowledge of the products, services and institutions represented.



Asian Solutions belongs to Optima Grupo, an important holding of service companies with over 30 years of experience, which has worked with some of the most important companies in Europe. Asian Solutions takes advantage of the synergies of each of the companies in the Group, being capable to offer more integral and efficient services to our clients.



The biggest goal for us is to provide an added value to your company in a fast and efficient way right from the beginning. AS always establishes a direct relationship between supplier and client, in order to consolidate a close communication and relationship between companies with minimum participation from our side.

Previous to the acceptance of the projects we analyze their viability and if we consider there are reasons to hesitate about the success of the project we reject it, focusing in the projects that can give to all of us profits.