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Búsqueda Proveedores Asia Europa

All Asian companies, interested in acquiring contacts of specific suppliers according to their commercial needs, have available filtered lists with the best options available for their specific goals. Optima Group has an extensive database of companies for this service. We also offer the possibility to be a communication channel in case it was needed; we would always act as a communication bridge and never as an intermediary.


Análisis mercados Asia Europa

We can offer through Optima Grupo, market studies to the Asian companies interested in search and explore their possibilities in European markets. We count with effective methods and we have fully of successful cases that certify our experience (See Market analysis Europe-Asia).


Inversiones Asia Europa

DiG, another company in the group, with advising experience to Russian investors in European markets now expands its services to Asia through our office in Shanghai.


Real Estate investment, especially in Spain where there is one of the most interest offer in Europe.

Asian Solutions, from its extensive experience in branding and marketing in China, has organized the investment project to provide real estate investment in Spain for investors. This project is supported by the Law 14/2013 Entrepreneurship Act approved by the Spanish Government on 29 September 2013.

The Act guarantees to the Entrepreneurs the Spanish residence for up to 5 years for investors and their families that keep the investment during that period. The residence offers freedom of movement within the Schengen Area countries.

Asian Solutions has created a network of partners to provide a unique integrated solution, offering a solution tailored to the needs of each client. Asian Solutions helps to easier the investment process and to obtain the Spanish residence with the maximum guarantees of success.

Our partners have unique properties both residential and commercial in the major cities, besides we also count with companies to invest. Moreover we guarantee a professional and experienced legal service provided by our founding partner, which is an important law firm in Barcelona with experience in investment and residence processes. Finally we also provide the organization of prospection trip to Spain with an experienced international tour operator. All this solutions are thought to close the circle in order to offer the most professional service from China to Spain by Spanish and Chinese staff.

In addition to all the above facilities, Asian Solutions offers through our physical offices in Spain (Barcelona) and China (Shanghai) the maximum security and peace of mind for our customers, giving a personalized and professional customer service.

If you want to invest or buy in Spain, Asian Solutions is your best choice. We offer different solutions, cost-effective, safe and with all the guarantees you need.


Investment analysis in the purchasing field or other fields in the market.


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