Our clients can choose among an integral service and specific services depending on their needs.



Análisis de Mercado

To analyze the real possibilities of our clients in the chosen markets, analyzing:

  • Potential clients
  • Competitors
  • Establishment difficulties
  • Products to be represented


Búsqueda distribuidores

Once the market analysis is finished and depending on the results, we define a filtered list of distributor’s profiles, agents or wholesalers in order to begin the research. The list is elaborated and agreed with our clients, which leads us to:

  • Create a list of possible distributors
  • Contact distributors and filter
  • Match clients and suppliers needs
  • Define an action plan
  • Send samples and test the market
  • First sales


Implantación Comercial

Once the partners have been chosen, we design an implementation and sales follow up plan:

  • Contracts
  • Commercial support or marketing promotion materials
  • Pricing
  • Trade mark and tender
  • Labelling
  • Logistic design
  • Sales follow up


Comunicación & Branding

Once we have the firsts sales, the next step is probably the most important in order to secure the continuity of the projects and their growth. This step has been highly appreciated by the Asian clients as it is an important tool to develop future sales. Some of the most used actions in this field are:

  • Study of the sales channel for communication actions
  • 2.0 services
  • Promotional plans
  • Fairs and events
  • Mass media
  • Study to establish your own office


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